Poor mental health is one of the biggest public health issues of our time.


STAR helps you to build a unique, personalised view of your emotions, so that you can identify the right tools and techniques to better manage your mental health, one everyday moment at a time.

We’re used to taking care of our everyday physical health. But we often only pay attention to our mental health when things reach crisis point.

We want to change that.

1 in 4

People experience a mental health problem in any year

4.5% of GDP

The annual economic cost of poor
mental health in the UK

10-25 years

The average reduction in life expectancy for people with severe mental health problems

Introducing STAR


STAR enables you to easily and discreetly track and quantify where, when and how the moments throughout your day imprint on your overall mental wellbeing.


​It's the quantified inner self®


a moment

Log a moment to tell STAR how you're feeling & what's going on, and we'll use contextual data to record a picture of where and when you experienced this emotion. 


in the moment

This shouldn't feel like a chore, so we reward every interaction with immediate feedback and support to help you there and then: whether helpful advice, some positive reinforcement,

or simply a pick-me-up. 

the patterns of your emotions over time

As we build a data-rich picture of the patterns of your emotions and triggers, we'll not only help you to better understand your mental health, but empower you to proactively take control and better manage your mental health - with helpful habit changes, techniques and suggestions for how to get the most out of other connected health and wellbeing tools and services, to address your own specific needs.

Enabling you over time to manage your everyday mental health

Everyone is different and what works for one person at a particular time might not work for you. That’s ok, we will learn what works best for you and give you the right tools and habits at the right time and place.

Reach out in 
a moment of need 

And if things do get really bad, we'll provide a safety net. In a moment of crisis, actively reaching out for help is often beyond the capability of the person in that moment.


STAR's 'Inner Circle' feature sets up messages for specific contacts, that can be triggered at the tap of a button - as well as quick contacts for organisations like the Samaritans, so help is only one click away when you need it most.

Meet The Team

Pat Casey



Brand, Product & Service Design, Partnerships, Talent,
Subject matter expert

17 years creating end-to-end product experiences for clients including Unilever, Nike and Nokia.

Andy Hawkes



Technical Strategy, Platform Development, Data, Copywriting


20 years leading complex technical projects with multinational development teams for clients including Google, Unilever & BBC.

Katy Lindemann

Strategic Partner/CPO


Product Strategy, Research, Marketing & Content


15 years developing product and brand strategies for clients including the Department of Health, Vodafone and Nokia.

Emma Selby

Clinical Health Specialist


Clinical Innovation Lead,
Mental Health nurse

2014 Nursing Times Rising Star Nurse of the Year winner. Qualified in a variety of therapeutic interventions and offers expert support in digital media including apps.

Jared Williams

Strategic Adviser

Jared is an ex-lawyer who grew his first business from a one-man, home-based startup to an industry-leading brand. In his own words, Jared now works with “disruptors and game-changers in the health tech space - businesses that I feel are exciting, needed and destined to change the world”

Daniel Jones

CMO/Social media specialist


A serial entrepreneur, marketing start-ups for over 10 years.

Experienced at delivering marketing strategies for both new and established brands across a multitude of industries, with a strong focus on social marketing activity.

Advisors and wider team

Glyn Cotton

CEO of WATR/Innovation Partner

Steven Bennett-Day

Mental Health Counsellor

Pete Miller

CXO Octopus Energy

Milly Bennett-Day

Clinical Psychologist/

Content Lead

Dr Gyles Morrison

Digital Health Consultant

STAR isn't just an app, it's a connected ecosystem

You can use STAR however works best for you.

You can access STAR on the web or in our native apps, just as you’d expect.

Our connected button also allows you to discreetly log individual moments during the day without having to pull out your phone.   


The simple click-button interaction captures a specific moment in time along with GPS location, and the STAR app will remind you

later on to add in some more details.

And you can also interact with STAR in the apps you're already using, and log a moment via WhatsApp or Facebook messenger using our natural language chatbots

We’re early in our journey and very excited about what

the future holds

Web Summit 

We are going in Lisbon for Web Summit 2019 from 4th - 8th Nov. If you’re also coming we’d love to say hi!

Design updates

We’re in discussions with potential partners about providing their employees

with access to our beta programme


We’re currently speaking with a number of investors about early stage funding for STAR.

Join our early access programme and help us build the best product we can

If you’d like to find out more please do get in touch,

we’d love to hear from you

We’re actively seeking funding. Contact us to discuss investment opportunities


We help people to feel happier and healthier. Contact us to discuss partnership opportunities



If you would like to find out more or be part of our launch in June 2020, please get in touch.



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